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I'll agree that obesity is the last topic still up for mockery, abuse and severe judgment. Honestly, people with severe drug or alcohol problems are treated with more care and compassion than obese people often are -- drug addicts have an "illness"; fat people are just gross and lazy.

I think the problem is that the actual biology of fat loss is much more complicated than it might seem (or should be lol) and the biology of weight GAIN is also more complicated that just eating because you're a glutton or whatever... people gain weight/habitually overeat/binge because of real psychological/emotional/chemical issues that I feel too many people, doctors included, fail to truly appreciate. People see becoming fat AND losing weight as a moral issue so they feel free to make moral judgments, even though it really is much more chemical/mental/emotional. Anyone who's ever truly binged can attest to the UNSTOPPABLE force compelling you to eat eat eat eat eat; that kind of impulse can ONLY be chemical/emotional/mental.
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