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Hello All,
My name is Darlene and I've just joined this site and and been reading messages for about a week. A little background is I joined Weight Watcher's March 16,2002 for a weighin of 320#, an all time high for me. I love the program and in 15 weeks, have shed 48.6 pounds. WW recommends 5 servings of fruit/vegetables and 2-3 servings of dairy...the rest of one's menu is left up to the individual. I like it because nothing is off limits, as long as we count the points for it. For me, that has defused the mental longing for sweets or high fat food. If someone says I can't have it.....I'm one who will go for it every chance I get. If it's my choice, I'd rather use the points on more healthy foods. For example, I used to eat regular yogurt 4 points. What I do now, is used low fat sugar free yogurt(2 points) and also have an english muffin or bagel with it (2 points). I figured it out one day, calorie wise, and I was saving about 60 calories for a lot more food. A small piece of cake is 6 to 8 I'd rather have more substantial food. I have found those Hershey Tastetations. A hard chocolate candy. 3 are 60 carlores, or 1 point. It really helps me and a lot of people I know curb their yearning for something chocolate.

I still have at least 100 pounds to shed (I'm 5.10") and get concerned that I wont make it to in my body will go into a plateau and stay there. I dont think I'll lose another 50 pounds as quickly as the first 50, but sure would be nice. Mostly, I try not to think of it and think in terms of 10# goals. I'm hoping this Friday, I will have hit the 270# mark, which will officially mean 50 pound loss.....and will focus on seeing 260#.

My sister was over Sunday, and first thing she said was looks like you've lost a lot of much? Told her 50 but I'm still so fat and have a long way to go. She said, you'll get there.

Will sign off and continute reading posts on this board.
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