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Morning, ladies!

I went to a knitting guild meeting last night - and found out inadvertantly that one of the gals there also does WW - she's lost over 40# to date. Several of us had a nice chat about the good things that wt loss means - and now I'm all energized again.

That plus stopping at Dillard's and finding that while I can't afford the beautiful Tommy H clothing I tried on - I can fit my big ol' but in the 18s and 20s now! Now to drop the hint to my mom... LOL!

We've had salad and bread for dinner the last couple nights. Tonight it'll be fruit salad and sandwiches I think. The heat here has been much worse this summer than the two before and our home just holds the heat like you wouldn't believe (and us with no AC). Bleh. So - no stove or oven cooking for me until the weather cools again toward the end of August. I'm finding it challenging to come up with good, varied meals that don't involve much cooking. (I'll use my Foreman Grill still - but only if its for less than 10 minutes - so mostly pressed sandwiches, ya know?) I'm jonesin' for some soup but can't imagine creating that much additional heat in the house on purpose. Yikes!

Today is Els first appointment to see about what happens next with her back. Think positive thoughts for her, okay? She's got this incredible "damn I have a great teenager" attitude toward it - she really does seem to get that even if this isn't fun, even if it takes years to correct, its small compared to the benefit over her lifetime. She's just amazing!

Linda - The whole reason we're losin' weight is the health, right? Or, um, most of the reason - part of it might be the miniskirts... Anyway, you eat how you need to eat and definitely count on us for support no matter what 'cause we all love you.

Terri - Counting Down works for me.

Off to start my very busy day - later, ladies!
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