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No bright ideas from me, I'm afraid.
I have to tell you that I'm going back on a low carb plan. My blood glucose has skyrocketed since I've been on WW (a year). I'm still going to be watching my points but no more high carb foods for me for a while. This isn't for weight loss, although I'm hoping that will be a by-product, but strictly for my diabetes. All that bread, grains, pasta, etc just hasn't been good for me.
I told my doctor about the chest pain episode I had last week and he is sending me for an ECG just in case. He said it didn't sound like indigestion to him but it wasn't necessarily a heart attack either. Even though I've had my gall bladder removed, he said there are still stones forming and ducts that can get blocked. Oh well, we shall see.
Anyhow, I will still be needing your support even though I won't be totally on WW anymore. I will continue going to my meetings until my latest membership expires. Hopefully I will finally get my 10% (30 lb) in that time. I'm hoping this switch to low carb will give me a jump start.
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