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Hi Wardhog, welcome to the forum! This place is full of very kind and wise people. I've considered myself in maintenance since March 2005, but regained a total of 13 lbs. above my red line, slowly, from 2006-07, and am now just as slowly taking it off. My red line was 140, and I'm trying to pay attention, literally, to each pound as I go down, and how my pants fit as I go. When I fit into all of my pants again, that will be my red line! I think Barbara has given you some good advice as well. Learning to listen to my body, and not let myself give into that "it's a special occasion" eating mentality for every single birthday, holiday, party...etc. etc. is still something I struggle with. Ideally once I get below my red line, when I hit it I will go back to basics, eat clean and exercise, until I get back below it each time.

As Meg said, I often feel like I'm just muddling through this. But I'm glad that I have such wonderful company! Hope to "see" you around often.
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