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hi everyone. i am new but as a ovolacto vegetarian for 13 years i have to say something.
a lot of vegans and vegetarians have this whole self righteous attitude going on that i don't understand. i was a vegan for 2 years and it didn't work out because i missed salmon. sorry(or not.) anyway, while i was a vegan i was asked by various people if i ate fish or other non vegan animal product stuff. i would say no and that would be it. i didn't get mad, i didn't want to point out the definition of "animal" in anyone's face. i don't own the word vegan or vegetarian and it doesn't really bother me that other people use it differently than i do. in life there are so many different levels to everything that we do that yes, some people are going to ask questions and yes some people are going to ask you the same question that someone else asked. the reality is, if you're a vegan or a vegetarian for WHATEVER reason then it shouldn't matter who says what about a stupid word that really means nothing. just don't eat meat or animal products and when someone asks you if you're a vegetarian you can proudly say that yes you are a REAL one. honestly though who cares? i don't even tell people that i am an ovo lacto vegetarian. it's a mouthful and i've been doing this for so long, it's seems like a natural part of my life. i don't understand why people in any kind of group have to find a way of alienating others because they don't do things exactly the same way? it must be human nature or something.
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