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I travel a lot for business and my new "plan" for when I return exhausted, surrounded by luggage and junk is to have things on hand that are low calorie but somewhat nutritious like frozen meals waiting in the freezer, soups, etc. It's hard to transition from trips to being at home but at least I'm not doing as much damage now eating out or ordering pizza when I'm beat just adjusting back to normal life. I might even just have "block out dates" where I'm not as "perfect" as I wish I could be but I won't bash on myself anymore, those are travel and returning home dates. I keep a journal and I just skipped a week but am now back to the program. I'm finding to get back on track after eating out or drinking too much, I can cut the carbs way back, eat more veggies for a week or two and that seems to do the trick.

Wish I could go to Egypt, I used to travel the world a lot in my 20s. Take the time to put together a nice travel journal, organize your pictures and such, it's not your entire life you can take off like this... so treasure the trip.
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