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Congrats on coming here . I know the feeling all too well. When the realization comes that diets working for us is like puting a bandaid on a broken leg and expecting it to heal, it's a like depressing. You are right willpower has nothing to with us.

Some people can cut their food intake, up their exercise, drop the pounds and go on with life and it's no sweat. Food has no link to entertainment, to boredom, to self esteem,or to their happiness. Unfortunately, that's not us. I'm glad you have a great support system in place. I think that knowing we have a mis-wiring in the brain is a great step in the healing process. Now
it's figuring out how to relearn and lessen it's power. I'm trying hard to take back every bit of power I gave it. It's been hard but I'll keep on trying. Keep trying too.

Honestly, I think that we will always have to battle overblown thoughts about food. It's out particular obsession. I think it's about whether we act out or not. Keep posting, it's really helping me organize my thoughts and feelings. Take care.
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