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Belle, you sound like you are on the way to something good. You sound focused and you know what you have to do. Having the support of your family is wonderful. You have a good attitude and a plan to make this work. To answer your question who has helped the most to overcome binge eating, I would have to say my children. I have two daughters 13 and 9 and the thought of them having to go through this because of seeing my behavior made me work really hard to get my eating in control. I had to learn a whole new relationship with food, and like I said everyday I have to fight back old habits. I look at my girls and think how beautiful they are inside and out and I do not want to damage that in any way. I love them more than anything in this world and I don't want to hurt them. I didn't have support from anyone really, except the professionals, because I have always been in the closet with this. The fact your husband and family support you is wonderful and I hope will be a big help to you. I wish you only the best.
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