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Default Thank you

Thank you for such lovely replies. It is heartening to know I am not the only one who deals with this trauma all the time. I can't forsee a time when what I eat and how much will not be a central force in my life but I hope one day I will. I have sought out a consellor who deals with behaviour modification and I am hoping she will be able to help.

By the way - poll - BIG MISTAKE! I just got excited while posting my first thread and thought a poll would be fun and then when faced with the question my brain was as blank as the antarctic. I think perhaps a better question might have been 'What or who has given you the most help in overcoming your binge eating.' For me it has been a combination of my husband and my sisters. I think that I need more now though so it's time for the big guns. I am sick of being told I have such a pretty face, and saying things that start with 'When I lose the weight...'
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