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I am currently 218lbs and probably on my way up a bit due to the pregnancy.

My undies are also in a sad state. I recently bought some undies that actually fit, sad to say what size they are. Have you ever seen that movie with Kevin Bacon, I think it is called She's Having A Baby, where he is folding underwear and in the first scene he's got this cute sexy little pair that would fit Calista Flockhart and in the next he's got this huge pair, that is about the size I am wearing. I only have 2 bras as well, they are the pullover sport kind. Can't remember when I last had a lacy, sexy bra.

I know that I shouldn't feel this way, I still feel like I should just wait to buy some nice clothes (if I still know what nice clothes are) until I have the baby and lose some weight. I refuse to spend a lot of money on plus size clothes that look awful anyway. It is awful how clothes stores can charge more for plus size clothes that look horrid. Maybe it is just me, I can't look at anything that is plus sized and find anything good about them.
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