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Unhappy My binge eating has to stop

I have only just realised that willpower has nothing to do with why I can't keep my weight normal.
I eat when I'm stressed, happy,sad, to celebrate, any excuse really. I'm afraid of feeling hungry and would rather feel I'm so full I might be sick but I don't purge. It's like my mind goes blank as I reach for those chocolates or chips, and cram them down until no more will fit. Sometimes it's how I imagine a junkie must feel, I literally salivate as I'm opening a packet or opening the oven door. Nothing like that fried salty goodness!

I have only a couple of people I have been honest with, and I can call my sisters when I feel the urge but I don't want to make it their problem, or hassle them. I have three children and so sometimes have yummy stuff in the house, but sometimes I have binged on rice crackers, chunks of cheese, drank maple syrup from the bottle. It doesn't matter what I eat, when the binge strikes I just go for it. I try to talk myself out of it sometimes but end up craving bad things the next hour, week or day. I am under a lot of personal stress at the moment. I had lost 21.2 kilos (aussie) which is about 45 pounds I think but now am busy eating them back on again. Am I the only one?
Don't fight me for the fat free chips, you will SOOOO lose!

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