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I havent read the book and after reading these post have no desire too. I firmly believe the reason I am fat is because I CHOOSE to eat the way I do. Just a bit of background, I am one of those people that lost 30lbs and had no idea about maintaining. I thought I would just stay skinny even if I went back to the old way I ate.

I also believe as ValerieL does that at this point in history our food has never been this full of additives, preservatives, chemicals and genetic engineering. Granted that 100 years ago we didnt have TV, remote controls, dishwashers, washing machines, computers, cars, etc and we moved allllll the time. Then you throw in the ability to get food of any kind, any where 24 hours a day. Add a shake of people with more time on their hands than any time in history and a workforce that the marjority sit on their butts all day at computers.

Put a dash of emotional issues from all that extra time of not having to work in the fields to grown our own food, and you have a bunch of over weight people, including myself. We went from just surviving to living a relatively palacial lifestyle of relaxation.

There is no other choice but to watch every single thing that goes in our mouths and count calories. Because the things that are put in our food are made for us to eat more of it. Go to McDonalds and see if you arent craving that crap 3 hours later. Our food supply is the reason that little girls are getting their periods and breasts at 7,8,9 years old when it used to be 12/13 and that is because of the steriods and antibotics in the meat and milk supply.

So I have come to the conclusion that if I want the weight gone and gone forever, that the only way to do it is count calories, try to eat whole foods as much as possible and do it for the rest of my life. It is possible to be a healthy weight and not gain it back. everyone of the maintainers is example of that. Thank you ladies. Sorry for the rant.
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