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Unhappy LA Weightloss will rip you off!!

My story is short, but true. I joined LA Weight Loss in Jan '08. I was 8 weeks into my program, only lost about 5 lbs with this "program", when I went for my weigh in I noticed that the place looked packed up. Now I was going in 2-3 times a week. I asked the girl helping me if they were moving. She said yes, didn't you see the signs we had on the door? Never saw any signs and again I have been in 2-3 time this week and before and yet nobody bother to verbally mention this! I live in Canton, GA, I asked her where are you moving to? She said Acworth, GA. So I said to her, that's kinda further than I wanted to drive and not very convenient. She said that most women were going to go only once a week instead of two. Again I said that's a bit far for me (30-45 mins one way). I was told that if I wanted to continue this was the closest location I could go to. I came home and immediately contacted the corporate office. I was told someone would get back in touch with me. I have contacted and emailed numerous times asking for a refund of the unused weeks I have already paid for, plus the food purchases I have made that they were "holding" for me. Here it is June and I haven't heard from them yet. I can't say that I was getting much results with this program. Since this I have signed up with a personal trainer and been put on a low calorie diet with much more improvement. I can not and would not recommend this program simple because of the way they handled this situation, or should I say lack of.

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