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Default Cheated last night AND got the wrong kind of chicken...

I'm this close to quitting this diet, I am about to starve.

Last night I ate this delicious 'enchiladini' recipe someone posted in the recipe forum, topped with FULL FAT sour cream, and was still hungry, so ate another serving. I tore up a bunch of lettuce with both servings and ate it like that.

Then later, I had a sugar attack and ate a boston creme roll (little debbies.) It was way too sugary and didn't even taste good... but the craving just overwhelmed me.

Right now BF keeps asking me "do you want a sub from Subway? Do you??"

I was gonna cook crockpot chili today but forgot. Sigh.

Now I am this close to going into fat sub-****.

He asked me if I wanted one of those nasty hardee's low-carb thickburgers, but ew, we just ate home-made burgers the other night. It was good wrapped up in lettuce but I threw it all up later on, and I have no desire for anything like that.

I'm about to cave.

If I do cave tonight ... I swear tommorow I'll be right back on the wagon. And for every day I cave, I'll add a day to phase one. As it stands, I've got 2 extra days.
First Goal: 25-40lbs by December 25th

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