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Instead of saying "I don't like many veggies", you might consider reframing in your head to "I haven't found preparations I like for most vegetables".

Keep trying different and new things. Your taste buds will change as you eat cleaner foods, and you may discover new ways of preparing. Steamed asparagus just seems limp and weird to me...but roasted is amazing! I don't like raw cabbage, my partner doesn't like cooked...but we both like the other. So try, try again. And also make sure your experimentation includes produce that is locally grown and in season. Even foods I HATE from a conventional store tend to be DELICIOUS when bought locally from someone who grew them with some love. Check out a farmer's market, maybe.

One other idea on this line...have you looked at any CSAs in your area? These are farms that send you a box of whatever is in season to try. Now, I know this seems like it'd be HORRIBLE for someone who was picky with vegetables, but I used to be very picky (my grocery cart included the 3 veggies I ate, every week, and nothing else). The first week with a new ingredient...yeah, it usually wasn't all that great. But since most things have a multi-week season, I got them for the weeks after that. Slowly, I worked out methods for cooking most things that I really enjoy. But I needed that box of produce, going bad in my fridge, to force me to try things.

You might want to check out our "Veggie Challenged" forum, also. Lots of great ideas.
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