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Well, I do wish you luck for another good day tomorrow! I actually had my first lunch out with a friend since I started dieting, and I did pretty well - had only a salad.

Have to say, I'm a liitle bit annoyed with BMD right now though. I came home and found my second receipt email of the week, and found that I had been charged for the second time this week too. So I've now been charged for three weeks of food, and I've only received one week of meals. In addition I received a FedEx tracking number on Monday saying I'd be getting a delivery today. No delivery, and that tracking number has never been updated beyond "information transmitted to FedEx." And twice now, I've been promised that I would receive an email with detailed menu and ingredient info from their (I think) dietician, and I haven't received anything. And of course, they only have anyone who can help you between 9-5, so I can't even call to straighten it out until tomorrow.

I will call tomorrow, and hopefully work it all out. I'd really like to keep going with them. But as much as you love their customer service, I'm just having a really bad experience with them. Normally I would not continue doing business with a company if I had this many issues with them at the start. But I'm really liking the food and the convenience, and I'm afraid I won't find anything else that I can stick to!

Sorry to vent! I'm just feeling very frustrated tonight, because I really want this to work!

Thanks for listening. Hopefully I will be a better cheerleader tomorrow!
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