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Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
Obviously, I've had my share of issues with BistroMD getting my orders right (although, I do have my own "issues" I bring to the table, being sensitive to wheat gluten, which is not something they specialize in dealing with) but I've also been very pleased with the "pound a week" loss--even with having meals off-plan and continuing to drink alcohol more than I should and absolutely not upping my exercise as much as I should, etc.

I'm bummed you've had a hard time getting your emails answered. Maybe it depends on who your assigned CSR is. Mine, if she doesn't hear from me with a "problem" every two weeks or so, shoots me an email just to ask me how it's going. I love her!!!!!!!
Hi! Nice to meet you. I have read quite a few of your posts previously. I also have issues - I can't process Nutrasweet or Splenda! So they are making substitutions for me too (but I did find a few things with those ingrediants in my first shipment!). It seems to affect mostly the snacks. I read the menu and was all psyched, and then I got a box full of puffs and protein chips! LOL! But even those are pretty good.

Assigned CSR? I haven't heard anything about that yet. This is my first week, so maybe it's something that comes later? I don't know. I've had to call them several times, but they haven't said anything about it.

Anyway, I do like the food a LOT more than I expected, and I'm a pretty picky eater. The only thing I just couldn't bring myself to eat after I heated it was some fish (blackened tilapia). I ate the veggies and tossed the fish. Everything else has been pretty good. It's easy for me, especially for dinners and weekend meals, since I don't cook anyway.

Are you eating the meals pretty-much three times a day?

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