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This is an interesting topic for me especially because I think I have given up on looking good. I used to buy fashion and other women's magazines regularly (this is going back about a dozen years) now then I come across the clothes and cosmetic articles in any magazine I happen to be reading I just flip right past them. I haven't owned any really nice clothes in years. I work as a nurse so I have my work uniforms, a few pairs of sweat pants, one pair of jeans and one pair of all purpose dressy looking stirrup pants. I haven't owned a nice dress in I don't know how long. I guess I fell into the 'I'll buy nice clothes when I lose the weight' rut. Also I despise clothes shopping. It always works out that I can't find affordable plus size clothes or they look revolting. Now I am pregnant and I think this is going to be an only child so I don't want to go nuts buying a whole lot of maternity clothes. I'll have to buy some larger sized work clothes but I don't know what else I should get. I don't want to shlepp around in sweat pants all summer! Oh well it is a dilemna.
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