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Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a few weeks & I was wondering how I would catch up, or if I should just start reading current - well, it looks like the decision was made for me. Hope everyone is doing well.

KrazyKK!!! Oh my goodness, you have been on my mind a lot. I've even looked for your name & picture on the boards the last time I was in. I'm so glad to see you are back on board!!!

A quick update. I was on and off plan the last 8 week sign up and only lost 5 lbs, but 9 lbs of fat. I re-signed and they decided to start me from the beginning - so I "got" to do the day 1-4 and 5-10 plan which I just finished. When I started, I was so heavy, I couldn't participate in these beginning plans. Well, I made it through with no problems. It feels great to wake up this morning and get to choose from a larger variety. I did add Corti-trim and MRC-6. I was really struggling with the cravings and getting hungry between meals even though I was maxing my HNS. I have been very vocal about not taking any of the extra's - so I think it's only fair that I now admit these extras are really helping with my cravings. The belly fat seems to be dropping faster and I'm not hungry between meals. When I hit the 4 - 5 hour mark, I do have to eat because I am faminished!! But in between I'm perfectly fine. Just pushing through and looking forward to stabilization.

Deb, my self talk for the last 15 lbs . . . . . . I need to follow the plan perfectly now, so when they start introducing more food during the last 10 lbs, stabilization, that I will truly know how much I can eat to maintain my weight. We're almost there - hang in there!!

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