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Hi everyone! It's good to see us back up!

I had my first class tonight, the one where they tell you all about the program and give you your first menu to follow. She suggested that we spend the weekend 'getting ready' for the program, meaning get all of our cravings out of the way now, and starting officially on Monday.

Well I have a confession! When I signed up last week and they gave me the 'pre-conditioning' thingy, I didn't follow it at all, actually I did the opposite - I acted like a death row inmate on her last meal all week!!! AND I GAINED 2 POUNDS!!!!!!

Well now I'm so ready to start losing weight, I'm not waiting until monday. I went to the store tonight to get everything I need to start tomorrow. Well I've rambled on enough now - I'll be back tomorrow to check on everyone again - Alisha I'm happy to see you starting tomorrow too, woo hoo!!!
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