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You can buy oil sprayers that make using oil much easier. It is also more natural than using those yucky chemical sprayers (Pam, etc). You just keep refilling them with your oil of choice.
The chemical Sprays such as Pam are not qualifying the healthy oil requirement either. And be sure you know how may sprays the oil sprays such as a Mr. Misto has to get to that 1 tsp.

Also keep in mind that certain oils loose their best quailities when heated. One example is olive oil. It looses alot of it nutritional value when heated, so to get it's full benefit is better to use it in dressings or to spritz on after baking for flavor. Canola and sesame on the other hand can tolerate higher heat.
Will olive oil loses its nutritional value when heated ?
Olive oil, when heated at high temperature, will cause its alcohols and esters to evaporate. The esters are what make up the olive oil delicate taste and fragrance. So heat will only change the flavor of olive oil but not its nutritional contents. We recommend you use a cheaper olive oil like refined/light oil for frying and then add a more flavorful olive oil after cooking.
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