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JG, you're probabaly better off boiling your water anyhow. But to have to use it for brushing your teeth is a bit over the top. I grew up in a household in Chicago where we only drank boiled water, never anything straight from the faucet. Chicago actually has some of the best water for a big city. But here in L.A., I really don't trust the water, at all.

Aud and RubyJan, way to go on induction. Just stick with it.

I really don't know what to say about AI. I don't think DA has had enough life experiences to sing with any conviction. I've been telling my DH that DA is a pod-person and somewhere out there is a pod with the real DA and all his emotions trapped inside. And I know that DC is not an "undiscovered" talent. It all seemed sort of rigged to me. I don't know what to think. I thought Fantasia's performance was out there. It was more of a concert performance rather than AI stage performance. She probably should have toned it down just a tad for the stage. Hey, but the girl can sing. No one can deny that. The girl can sing.
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