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Originally Posted by scorpio88 View Post
I am an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. I can't give up eggs and dairy products, tried it, became VERY ill (that's with using replacements like soy milk), so it's more for my health. Plus no animals are killed in the process which makes me feel much better about it.

I get so many people who rag on me for being a Veggie ESPECIALLY family, and the whole, "well why don't you eat seafood, that's not meat" really gets to me. It IS meat, it was living, and that's all that matters. Plus it tastes gross.
Just wanted to add that I was very much like you with the dairy cows/chickens for eggs for a long time. Even before switching to vegetarian I really thought California was full of "happy cows". I watched a few documentaries and read up on how they're actually treated - quite frankly it's just as bad as those that are slaughtered. It's something you have to decide for yourself and whatever you decide is your decision alone. As far as the health concerns did you talk to a nutritionist about why you were ill with no dairy/eggs? From what I can tell we can replace everything that they provide via other food or even supplements.
Please don't take this as an attack, just something to think about.
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