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Originally Posted by Princess0113 View Post
i use Kraft light salad dressings that say they are made with olive oil (the fat free kind doesn't have it but the light does). i've been counting that towards my HG's. is that ok? i'm not sure exactly how much oil is in a serving of the dressing, but a serving of the dressing (2 tbsp) is 1 point so i've been counting that as one of my daily oils.
Actually for the reason you stated it doesn't count. Because you don't know how much you need to get in that tsp for each serving. I'm not saying you can't but officially W/W doesn't allow it.

Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
From a nutritional point of view, I find it very odd that oils in foods "don't count." I'm not aware of a scientific, nutritional difference between the oil in a handful of sunflower seeds, and the oil extracted from the seeds. It's the same stuff.
It has to do with figuring out how much you actually would need to equal the 1 tsp.
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