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Lightbulb Why you need oil

You need oil so you can have shiny hair, protected internal organs and to help you move your bowels. That is why you need oil. The reason why you are disputing this is because you are confusing "bad fats vs good fats". The bad fats are saturated and trans. The good fats are mono-saturated like olive or canola oil.

You can add oil into your diet in other ways than what you have stated. For example, eating salmon is one way of getting the "fatty oils" in your diet without adding anything. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 acids and essential fatty oils. Many cold water fishes are also in this category. You can ask your grocer or team leader to help you choose one you like.

If you use a canola oil spray, you will not have that so called "greasy" feel to your food that you are describing. In fact, all you need is 3 TB per day which is not a lot and if you use 1 per meal you should not be having "greasy" food because it just isn't enough to do that.

If you absolutely can not stand added oil in food preparation, you can take a fish oil capsule that will also give you the recommended amount. I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals via food first before resorting to "pills" but I realize not everyone has the same palate.

Good luck. As for points, I think, 1 TB of oil is 100 calories which I think is 2 points.

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