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Welcome Lissa! Good job on the weight you've lost so far and we hope to support you through a lot more! And thanks for the nice comments on my progress pictures in the other thread!

Julie - - my boyfriend buys me these 1 POINT candies made by Whitman's. They're a joint venture between WW and Whitman's and they are very, very good. I eat one almost every night after dinner because I need that sweet something to tell me that it's time to be done eating for the evening. I have a friend that does the same thing with just regular Hershey's Minatures, although I don't know if they are 1 POINT or 2. Most "fun sized" candy bars are 2 POINTS, I'm a peanut M&M junkie and keep the fun packs around to keep from buying a big bag and eating the whole thing. That's the great thing about WW, there are ways to eat the things you love!
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