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Hi 'healthy example'!
As I understand it, there are some differences in the way the different states have their 'system' set up but the basics are about the same. I have learned a TON of ideas from the yahoo message board for Slim for Lifers...but basically whatever your plan says you can have, the thermosnacks do NOT count as a protein. I am in MN and we have a sheet that lists all the thermosnacks - it's in two columns, column A has everything like the drinks, soups, etc. and column B has the bars. Here, we are allowed either two items from column A or one from A and one from B - but NOT two from B. Meaning we can have one bar a day but not two, or you can have two other snacks and no bar if you want.
I also bought the cookbook they sell - lots of ideas for recipes - and invest in several varieties of Mrs. Dash - you can sprinkle it on the chicken or fish for a variety of flavors - highly recommended by everyone, counselors included!
If you use one of the soup mixes in a recipe, that DOES count as one of your thermosnacks that day - so keep that in mind.
If you need more ideas, get signed up on the yahoo message board as well, there are a LOT of people there who post tons of stuff - very motivating and helpful - and I have no trouble getting to that site, where here I have issues with the site loading quite often!
Good luck!
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