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That's actually how we caught mine, i was like, I dropped 20 - 30 pounds over a year, which in itself was like pulling teeth, but the rest is refusing to come off. So I spoke to my Gyn about it, and she was like, anything else weird? (and since I've never been pregnant or had to nurse there was that weird leaking thing...) and she ordered a whole set of bloodwork. So, a month ago I was just trying to fit into my wedding gown (5 months to go!!!) and now I have a tumer in my head.
But, I was really lucky in getting in to see a specialist, and the other symptoms she started naming were amazing, I couldn't believe that all these things were the result of this one thing.
So I am on the Cabergaline and crossing my fingers. I know it's a long process, but I'm determined.
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