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Default Prolactinoma, continued

Hiya to the new two posters, (or "post-ettes?")--

Thank you for posting and saying hello. I understand fully about all the issues and I am still amazed that more people haven't posted since my original one. I say amazed because I have met 4 women in the past 2 months who have a prolactinoma. It seems less and less rare to me all the time. I am still struggling with the weight issues. It feels daunting. Also, my bromocriptine dose has been decreased again to half a 2.5 mg. tablet, only 3 times per week because my prolactin levels are now considered too low for my age. That said, the lesser dose is messing up my menstrual cycles again. I'm hoping that will stop soon once I adjust.

One of the women I recently met who has this condition has been on Dostinex since 1998. I guess I am stuck with this for a long, long time. I hope we can post more often. Thanks for joining up.
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