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I agree with SugarHabit--if you can't have just one portion of something, don't keep it in the house!!! unless it's spinach or carrots or something I used to have this problem..I was a major binge eater, and I just kept eating more and more because I figured, well I've screwed up for the day, it can't get any worse...but it can, and does! I gained almost 40 lbs being a binge eater! I'd suggest----either eat a piece of gum, drink some water, or BRUSH YOUR TEETH! (I don't know about you, but after I brush my teeth, I don't want to eat anymore!) Or..stock up on 100 calorie packs (if you can control that)...or things like yogurts and fruits..they're sweet, but they won't kill your diet. Like Lizzy said, are you in a weight loss program? Maybe you should join a program.... I'm currently in Weight Watchers, and it keeps me on track and focused because I write down EVERYTHING i eat, instead of taking a bite here, a bit there... (in WW, we call them BLTs--bites, licks, and tastes---they add up!!). Good luck
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