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Good morning Chicks

Today I hate the scale. TOM is a week late and I have been blessed with 2 lbs of water. Grrrrr And I'm going shopping today.

Linda - I'm trying to get inspired by your morning energy. Bet the girls, and you, are enjoying this weather

Kara - It's nice to see your name again in the mornings! I missed all that cheerful energy. I bet you're right about the water and that vacation weight will slide back off. Did the kids enjoy Florida?

Cat - Have a good day. Are you counting down days to the end of the year yet? My Mom retired last year but used to start counting sometime in the spring.

Me - Finally meeting my Mom for shopping. Last time she was sick so we had to reschedule. It's a long day but always fun. My best friend comes with me (I think she and my Mom have adopted each other) and we bring her granddaughter. We started teaching Chloe about thrift stores when she was a few weeks old - she is a great shopper now and very entertaining on the drive

I keep getting up at 5:30 thinking I will go for an early walk as the days get warmer. So far though I've just read more forums and news and been a slug. I love long, lazy mornings. I'm hoping all you morning exercisers will inspire me!

Enjoy the day!
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