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No pain, no gain.
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dude I hear ya.

Most of my friends are about 5'2"-5'6" and size 6 and under. I tell them I'm going on a diet and they're all trying to nice and be like "Christine don't you don't need to you're soo skinny" or telling me I'm starving myself.

First of all, yes I need to. You might cry because you're not fitting into your size 0's that day (I actually have had a friend in tears come to me with this dilemma). Well I'm wearing friggen size 18's. And second of all, eating a salad instead of fries is a healthy choice, not starving myself.

I do love my friends, but they are often give misguided advice.
"There are only 2 choices; make progress or make excuses."

Mini-goal #1: Pre-Florida weight by end of March
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