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Cool Loving uber "helpful" thin people right about now *rolls eyes*

Does anyone else here find it absolutely wonderful how skinny people love to critique diets??
Okay so the cat is out of the bag today at work that I'm*GASP* ON a DiET!!! Suddenly the fact that I'm having a turkey wrap with lots of yummy veggies and cottage cheese is the worst thing for me. Wha? Apparently when the word 'diet' comes into play it means I must be starving myself and not taking in all the good things that the body needs. The fact that I'm having apple cider vinegar and olive oil on my salad rather than full fat ranch is another step in the wrong direction. So I have a crowd of thin women of all ages around me giving all their helpful tidbits of information to get me through this "tough" time. Did I mention that they're all a foot shorter and size 0-6? yep, that helps.

My question is, where are all the tsks and concerned talks when someone's eating a plate of office goodies that include everything from doughnuts to icing covered danishes to sticks of lard? (actually, no lard... but might as well be.)
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