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Huh. I just realised I hadn't posted a bio in here!

Name: Velveteen/ "V" / Renée (DF and step-kids call me "Pinky")
Age: 39
Sign: Virgo
Status: Engaged, getting married 14 October this year
Kids: 2 steps, my SD T who is 10, my SS P who is 7
4 Legged Creatures: Frankie, my burmese and Elvis my black kitty
Gilled Creatures: Mollie, Johnny and Sammy - all goldfish
Occupation: Accounts Payable person
Addictions: Espresso (work for SBUX European HQ), music, traveling, photography
Following: Weight Watchers (online)
Religion: Fine for some, for me, not so much (though I am a spiritual person and believe that there is "something" out there)
From: New Mexico, USA
Living in: The Netherlands (Arnhem, to be exact)

My little story - I am a lifetime WW member. First time I joined was in 1992. I did not reach my goal weight then. Long story short, I gained what I lost plus a few more for good measure. 1999 - joined again, lost 28KG/ 62lbs and maintained for 3 years. Life fell apart (I was married then and we split up, I lost my job, fell into a deep depression, took a/d's and tried to drink myself to death. Fortunately I'm still alive, things are better, but I gained all the weight back) and so did my weight loss / maintenance efforts.

I've tried half-heartedly the last couple of years to lose weight, but I think I'm finally in the right place now and I'm DOING it. Besides that, I have a short term goal of not looking like the side of a barn when I get married in October.

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