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I have to say did anyone notice that Bob was "Skunked" again. Jillian's people took both prizes.

I think I was happier last night for Bernie that I even was for Ali.

Bernie was put below the yellow line by 1 lb, and then for the try and get back in phase, he lost getting back by 1 lb again. SO to see him win by 1 lb was true Karma to me.

Bob said it a few weeks ago that this was the season of the single lb. Jay paid 10,000 for 1 lb., Bernie was off by a lb, the blue team went under for the want of 1 more lb from Jay, etc. It was truly fate that someone win the 100,00 by 1 lb.

Chelle - not to dis your boy, but Bob looked like an idiot last night with the scarf around his neck ... all I could think of was Mr Howell from Giligan's Island every time I looked at him.

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