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My heart dropped the moment they announced that Roger made it to the finale - since he had more weight to lose than Mark, I worried that he would beat the girls.

I was happy for Bernie to win the $100K - I really did not want the money go to the big cry baby Mark.

When Kelly showed up in the black dress, I held my breath. She was so amazingly beautiful in it - she is extremely fortunate that the huge weight loss did not really affect her face, her face just went from plump to normal but she has beautiful skin with no wrinkles at all, and lovely eyes.
Of course, her in the little black number was NOTHING compared to what she looked like in weigh-in Tshirt and shorts. She blew my breath away - I could not believe how much weight she lost and the firmness of her body.
I am sad that she did not win, I was really rooting for her, but I hope her wish to have a baby will come true. I was really impressed with her weight loss considering the back injury - that must have been hard to continue exercising and not lose the will to fight on.

Ali - I am happy that we have the first female Biggest Loser. God job!
I have to say that I did not like her haircut at all. I have always thought that the whole Victoria Beckham haircut thing is rather stupid and not flattering at all - perphas I may be a tad influenced by the fact that I don't VB at all (read: can't stand her). I preferred Ali in her regular bob when she was leaving the ranch.
On the other hand, I absolutely love Bette Sue's haircut and if my hair was not so fine, I would go for it.

Jackie - Paul's mom - wow, she looked 20 years younger!
Also Amanda looked good, and Jenni as well - although I barely remembered them - I am kicking myself for having not watching all the episodes from the very beginning (I saw bits and pieces until I started to watch each week when the season was in the middle or so).

Roger looked good.
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