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In 2005 diagnosised with is a lung fungus. There are several funguses that can cause lung problems....most of them are regional. Meaning crypto might be common where you live, histo where I live.

Many people in the midwest have histoplasmosis and don't even know it. They might think they have a cold, it will leave several small scars on the lungs that can be seen on xrays and CT scans. Many people have no problems from the histo....I was not "many people".

Mine started with pain in my chest. My family thought it was a heart attack..I KNEW it wasn't, but went to get it checked out....basically to shut them up.

I was diagnosed with costalcondritis (I know that is spelled wrong) It is pain and inflamation in the muscles between the ribs. I was given persciption dose of ibuprophin was sent home and told to rest.

One week later I was in the emergency room in so much pain I could not more. I was curled up in the fetal position and crying, it was a horrid pain. after some morphine they were able to get some chest xrays; I had muscle spasms so bad they cause 3 fractured ribs. It was then they saw the spots on my lungs. I was given pain pills, muscle relaxers, and anti inflamatory meds...I was a zombie. The chest pain continued, and I started having severe joint pain. I couldn't walk because my knees and hips hurt so bad, I couldn't drive because my hands hurt to bad to grip the steering wheel. Then a CT scan showed one of the spots had grown.

After 2 1/2 months of tests weekly CT scans, and many doctor appointments the spot went from the size of a large marble to larger than a golf was decided to remove it. They removed the whole lower lobe of my left lung. I still had joint pain after the surgery. After more appointments, They determined Iw as allergic to the histoplasmosis and I still had the fungus in my system and had to be on anti fungal medication. I was on meds for 5 months.

When I went in for my lung surgery my doctor was 90% certain it was cancer. I was fortunate it wasn't. I hope your mom gets some good new!!! I know the waiting is very hard. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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