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Default O/T update

Hey my wonderful, beautiful friends

I finally have a little bit of information to share on the lung cancer situation.
Waiting is horrible!

OK, so I was getting really disgusted that Mom had to wait 23 days to get the results of her biopsy. I urged her to go see our regular doctor because they get the results reports right away. I thought even if he didn't have the results, he would be able to hurry things up a bit.

Still have the appointment with the lung guy on the 23rd to have these results explained more clearly.

We have some very good news, and some really strange news.

The really good news: Mom's bone scan came back negative! No cancer spread to bones.

The strange news: Her biopsy also came back negative?!?!?!?!
False negative is a strong possibility, they may have pinched out a sample that just didn't contain cancer cells. However, it made me do some more research and I found out something interesting
You probably know about that tree fungus called's in the trees and soil around here. Google it if interested. It can be mistaken as lung cancer before it's diagnosed. It looks similar on a CT scan and can have some of the same symptoms too, such as weight loss and coughing.

It's most likely still cancer, but even just the clear bone scan is fantastic we can breathe just a little bit easier. But this crypto thing has really got my mind spinning, full of hopeful fantasies!!!

That's my update for now, I'll add it to my blog as well.

On the weight loss front. I have now lost 29 pounds, so close to 30
My speed has dropped, but I'm still losing, so I'm really happy about that!


TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!

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