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When I really have the munchies and they are not going away, I will eat strawberries or an apple or carrots. Something crunchy and a little (or a lot!) sweet. Yeah, there are some calories but it is better than some other choices! A protein shake would be another choice. I like those viactive chew calcium supplements too. When I am craving something sweet and I have not had my calcium for the day, they hit the spot.

The other thing you could do is drink a glass of water and look at the clock. If you are still "munchy" in an hour, have a small snack. Hardboiled eggs or string cheese are nice options.


I suppose one philosophy would be to suck it up and be strong. But when I have that little nagging at the corner of my brain, I tend to try to make choices that will satisfy the nagging but that are on plan.
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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