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If you follow the program, you will lose weight. Get rid of every vice in your home. Once you start to lose, and you will lose quickly, you will gain control over your cravings. Getting on that scale, and seeing numbers you haven't seen in years is quite a kick. I've dropped 45lbs since Jan 7. I'm not proud, but I haven't worked out once. I've cut my social life down considerably-that's ok though--- My favorite tv shows are on the Foodnetwork lol ! I also enjoy watching Survivorman- heck that guy lives for 7 days eating and drinking some bad stuff- and practically starves. You look at all you get to eat, and its a feast! Eventually, you'll be getting compliments from people you least expect, those are the nice times, because you know they are sincere. You have to force yourself to drink all that water, but do it. I've got 20 more lbs, to my goal....its been hard, but definitely worth every minor inconvenience- you will change your eating habits forever- you will never, ever be the same, you will be better than before. So suck it up, drink water eat everything you are supposed to eat, don't skip anything. Lastly, avoid eating your starches and carbs late at night- if possible eat most of them early to midday---do not cheat on yourself, or this diet-- unless you are destined to live a life of guilt-- and failure- this diet is too good to not give it 100%- you will lose the weight and fast! will be going to the bathroom a ton, early plan your car trips accordingly
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