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Thanks, Leenie. They're pretty careful about giving fills. The Dr told me that since I'm on the "smaller side of heavy" (whatever that means), I need more liquid in my band to feel the restriction. My friend was getting the acid reflux and they ended up having to empty all the liquid out of her band. After 1 1/2 years she has lost 100lbs, but they realized her band had slipped, where her stomach mushroomed over the band. They think it might have happened soon after surgery, when she was vomitting forcefully. The acid reflux is getting really bad for her, even with all the liquid out of the band. She now has to get the band replaced. They are going to put the newer band in, which has a less chance of slippage.

I'm really proud at her at age 60, she went from 290 to 190. I'm 39 and struggling. She keeps pushing me ( in a good way), to keep at it and not lose sight of my goal. Her doctors told her that most lapbanders should lose their weight within 2 years. That it gets harder after the 2 years have passed. Has anyone else heard of this?

Initial Goal

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