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Hey all. Just to keep everybody updated. One department at work got their 60 day letters yesterday. Rumor has it a total of 1,400 nation wide. They have 60 days to find a new job or be laid off. My department sent out letters today, we have one week to decide if we'd like to voluntarily leave the company or not. After that they'll decide how many get 60 day letters. So it's a lot more of waiting. Can't make an educated decision because nobody is saying how many total from the company or each department is being let go.

Meanwhile I'm making a killing cleaning the office. We had packages of stickers so old they no longer stuck to the paper they came on. Rolls of typewriter address labels. Couldn't even begin to tell you where or if we have a blessed typewriter. We have dictation tapes but no dictation machine. Unopened mail from 1999. Why, WHY do people insist on keeping popped or rusted paper clips? It's not like tossing one is going to break the bank! I'm taking a break, if I keep finding this stupid stuff I'll pop a blood vessel.

Meanwhile I'm way behind at home. Need to fix the kids taxes tomorrow. For whatever reason I get home, sit down and wake up hours later. Then I have a bunch of housework I have to get through. Definitely not a natural when it comes to house cleaning, I have to really, really work it. I'm trying. Signed up for Flylady, sometimes it helps and other times it's just another level of stress. I don't know why sometimes it seems stressful and other times helpful. Which is sort of a long way of saying a whole lot of stress from multiple sources and not a whole lot of stress relief yet!

Hope you all have a great day, it will be a great weekend!
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