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Ok, you can all yell at me after I post lol. I went to a friends house for dinner last night. She measured everything out for me. Knew exactly what I was eating and had everything written down. Now that is really supportive don't you think lol. This was all great. I went home and put it all into fit day. She didn't think about sodium. WOW my sodium for the day was 6000. Can you believe that 6000. I just did a weigh in yesterday and was down to 144 Yeaaaaa me. I had to go today and pick up some paper work so did another weight in ( hey why not ). OH MY GOSH I am up 2 pounds. Now I know that can't be real gain but I changed my ticker anyway. My ticker is how I am honest with myself. It changes when I do a weigh in at the docs office no matter what. I am sure that will come back down at my next weigh in but it sure taught me a lesson. I am going to have to be even more careful when I go to someones house to eat. She called today and laughed and asked how my second weigh in went ( she knows me lol ). When I told her ( and now I feel bad ) I thought she was going to cry. I said oh forget it, it will go back down. At least she sees how much sodium they take in all the time. Something good came from it. She said she is going to start watching the sodium intake of her family. I feel like crap today, wonder if it is all the sodium? I feel bloated and pudgy and just not feeling to great all around. Have a terrible headache too. I usually keep my sodium around 2400 to 2700

You all look so happy. Glad you had a great time. Yes, it takes a bit to get back on track and exercise seems soooooooo much harder than it was when we get back to it.

I just couldn't understand. I saw the pics ( saw some videos too ) and those people were doing all that with two hands. I couldn't figure out how to do it if I had 10 hands lol. It has been a rough year for a lot of people with all the sickness going around. All you can do is regroup and set new goals. Yesterday doesn't matter and neither do the goals we made. Today is what matters and what we can do for our tomorrows.

I have my sons iep coming up too. Doesn't get any easier as they get older, he is 21 and might get to graduate this year. We put him in a school for adhd and asbergers a couple of years ago. The school really has helped him the last couple of years. This is the same child that the regular high school told us would NEVER be able to pass the state tests and we should be glad he could be let go from the tests. I was expecting to much from him and them I was told. I said bull wacky, life doesn't just let you get out of things and they were not going to teach him to do less than his best. He has passes all but one test now and he just took that one again. What did they know.

The gas prices have effected so much. I see the farmers around here and know they are having a tough time. I know family's that aren't feeding their children like they should because they have to spend the money on gas to get back and forth to work. Will keep you and the hubby in my prayers. It is a tough time for many and a really tough time for the farmers. When times are rough we really do find all we have is each other and as long as the wolf isn't at the door, ach other is really all that is important. Glad you and hubby had some time together.

I am going to rant a bit lol. Someone made a post on the site one time about how I don't have a life because I spend so much time keeping my house so clean. I am sure the people in the soup kitchen don't know about this since they get so many of my hours. Or the old people I bake for, or the help I give to the meals on wheels, or all the other things I do. Ok, I am having a poor pitty me moment and I deserve it. The comment not only hurt my feelings but it ummm ticked me off. I am very organized with my time and I am sorry if others can't organize their time. Heck I kept my house this clean when I worked 10 hours a day. When I went to college full time with two children to take care of under the age of 5 and when my father was dieing and I had to run back and forth to hospitals and doc appointments everyday. Ok I feel better now.
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