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Originally Posted by anaisjude View Post
today is my fourth day out of surgery and I was able to eat a meal from wendy's. I ate it really slowly, but I am scared. I know i have to learn to control my bingeing, and I was fully prepared to eat one or two bites and either throw up or be in pain, but I WASN'T. Now I am scared that there is something wrong. Why would my doctor and all the websites and books say that my stomach would be too sensitive for solid foods, but mine isn't? I know I should go to my doctor, but I am really embarrassed. Does anybody have any advise?

I know this post is a little late for Anaisjude, but the reason drs tell you not to eat after lapband surgery is 1) to give your stomach a chance to heal and 2) to allow scar tissue to form around the band to lesson the chance of band slippage. The liquids go down easy and the stomach does not have to churn to digest it. Don't forget when the drs place the band, some also stitch a little part of the stomach under the band to the part of the stomach over the band to secure the band in place. I think it's called the Birmingham stitch.

Also, do not rush to eat solid foods after a fill. My dr has me go on liquids for 2 days, 2 days of mushies and then back on solids. I was banded on Dec 6, 2007. I know it's hard to follow orders strictly and once I healed after the surgery, I felt like I was eating like there was going to be a food shortage and I had to get every last bite. It's self sabotage. I had to stop it and it is dangerous to do after wls. I didn't go thru surgery to continue to fail. So I stopped the nonsense and after the second fill, I finally felt restriction and lost more weight.

Just go slow. The lapband is a process and there is a lot to learn to be successful. Work with your doctor. Follow their advice. And most of all: Be kind to your body.

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