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Amazing, the drug that is supposed to help with pain management and possibly also help me lose weight has me hungry all the time. Not good. Worse, I'm back to the exact same weight I was at when I started the drug. Gotta figure this mess out!

Somebody, don't know exactly who yet, posted my nephews car for sale last night on Craigslist. Long story short, Mom was driving him home in his car when his cell phone started going nuts. Over 50 calls in about a half hour, all asking if the car was still available. I haven't heard the resolution on this nightmare yet. I know a listing can be marked as fraudulent, but I won't get to talk to the kid until later tonight so no idea what's happened since we left him last night. He was not a happy camper.

I've gotten three cubes completely cleared out, I'm almost done on three more. Amazing AMAZING amount of crap that gets collected and left behind. Just to make life exciting, I put what we have way too much of out in the hallway for other groups who may need it. We have a clerk in our group, danged if she's not pulling it all back! Binders where the cover is ripping off or previous contents have stained the cover, hanging file folders (3 drawers full of them, we don't need any more!), floppy disks (there isn't a machine in the building that can read them anymore!), the list goes on and on. Frustrating. One cube, no kidding, grapes with stems still attached had been on the floor for so long they'd turned to raisins. Sort of. It's just plain sad.

Which is a long way of saying I've lost my optimism, lost my momentum, and good golly, why does it have to be such a fight all the time!?
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