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Name: Chelsea

Age: 21

Location: Bay City, Michigan (Madonna's hometown)

School: Saginaw Valley State University

Major: I'm attempting to get a BFA in both graphic design and photography and get a minor in philosopy

Books: I don't read as much as I used to, the last book I finished was I Am America and So Can You! Yeah, I'm in love with Stephen Colbert.

Music: Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Bright Eyes, I LOVE ska music, Cursive (my favorite band), Saves the Day, Reggie and the Full Effect

TV: I hardly ever watch TV, but when I do it's usually the History Channel

Movies: Cannibal the Musical, Not Another Teen Movie, Anchorman, and Clueless

Interests/Hobbies: I don't do much, I love taking pictures and playing on my MacBook.

Goals: To weigh 120lbs and get a great job and live in Chicago. I want to get married eventually too.

Religion: I was raised WELS Lutheran (the strictest Lutherans ever), I went to a parochial grade school and high school but I definitely don't consider myself sheltered. I've done some silly stuff so far.

Politics: I don't care about all.

Wow, I sound really boring! Haha, no I'm tons o' fun if you hang out with me!
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