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Originally Posted by oseybaby View Post
thanks so much, I was just worried about their prices. do you do the 5 day or 7 day, and is their snack option worth it? Do you add anything, or is everything included. Is there fresh vegetables and salad also. I know I am asking a lot, but how those Bistro MD compare to say a company like Diet to Go.
I don't know much about Diet To Go, simply because they're one of the companies that either ignored me or discouraged me when I made contact, asking about gluten-free options. So, I didn't really invest a lot of time trying to figure out what their plan was like, since they didn't seem to want my business too badly. :\

I don't know if the prices for "five-day vs. seven-day" or "snacks vs. no snacks" make any one of 'em better than others. I do the seven-day program with snacks, so I don't EVER have to step foot into a grocery store, hit a drive-thru, or "trust myself" to make good choices (when I might prefer to use the meal as a "freebie" to go off plan or something). Basically, it's worth it TO ME to pay for the "full deal" with them, simply because it means I don't have to think about ANYTHING. It's all mapped out for me. And right now, with my history, that's the kind of structure I needed.

Perhaps, as I get confident about my abilities to make good choices and still stay on plan, I will try shifting to five days without snacks... but no promises just yet. I'm a work in progress.

Sorry, I haven't done a cost analysis of what the individual items come out to, financially, so I don't know if it would cost more or less to buy snacks or weekend meals on my own. (I just worry it would "cost more" in the emotional/risk sense, y'know?)

No salads or fresh veggies on the gluten-free version of BistroMD. I think they may have some fresh-veggie wraps or lunches in the "whole" plan, but since I can't have many of the lunch items, they send me frozen dinner meals for lunch instead. So, I think NO is the answer, but I'm not sure.

Sorry... I know my experience is limited to the gluten-free realm... but I do really like it all so far. Hope this is somewhat helpful!!!

Good luck in your decision!

I know Noodlebean has a great blog comparing multiple programs she has tried. I don't think she's done BistroMD, but she might have the answers about the other programs you're looking for, in terms of comparison.
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