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Originally Posted by oseybaby View Post
Hi, you seem to love Bistro MD, I am worried about their prices, is it worth it, what do you like about them so much. thanks
Hi Oseybaby,

Yes, I do love BistroMD. I start Week 8 tomorrow and I've lost 11.4 pounds, 3" in my waist, and I haven't done any major increase in my exercise (yet), haven't cut out drinking alcohol entirely (still have at least two nights a week of social cocktails with friends), or any of the stuff I have planned for when I'm really ready to see some progress.

Most of all, I love the convenience--and I guess that would be true no matter what company I chose. The reasons I *chose* BistroMD are spelled out in the first-ever post I made here at the 3FC message board, here:

I began to question my choice, when they were hit-or-miss on getting my weekly menu correct (I'm "special needs" with the whole gluten-free thing), but then read from other posters that the customer service and/or portion sizes with other companies were less than stellar.

Looks to me like, even when you do the "smaller packages" with some of these companies and have to supplement with snacks or items from the market to get your daily menu complete, you are looking at about $150 to $200 per week, no matter where you go. The only companies that are significantly lower than that are ones that offer gluten-filled foods (like Nutrisystem) and there's no way I could eat that menu. There are really only about a dozen items TOTAL from their company that don't contain wheat gluten.

But, anyway, with any of these, you're paying not only for the food itself and delivery, but also portion control, glycemic index balancing, carb/protein balancing, variety, preparation, and--best of all--knowing that every bite you eat is helping you reach your dietary goals.

So, for me, that's definitely worth the money.

And before my first delivery showed up, we kept a ledger sheet for two weeks of our standard diet (meals out, takeout, drive-thru, vending machines, lattes, popcorn at the movies, plus everything bought at the market), and honestly, the cost of BistroMD is almost identical to what we were averaging in those two weeks we surveyed, anyway. (But without the "every bite is sending me in the right direction" bonus.)

Anyway, that's it for me. I'm sure everyone has their reasons for their own favorite plans. This is working for me so far and I really have loved the customer service, the yummy food, and the results without effort. So far so good!

I hope this is helpful!

As for the ongoing updates to "why I like them so much," check my blog (linked below and in the left margin), as I try to keep up with it all.
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