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Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
This is a great report! Thank you!!

I've been looking at the PurFoods Gluten-Free program as an option for when/if I decide I'm finished with BistroMD (not yet... still loving it, so no reason to change yet). I've heard the portions are a wee bit small, so it's good to know that you felt fulfilled.

I agree about the downside of the home delivery stuff--packaging--and all that, but I figure I'm not getting in the car and driving to the market, not using up grocery bags that sit in a landfill or (hopefully) get recycled, so maybe it all balances out in the end. Certainly, there's less packaging in general if you think about all that it would take to make up those "dishes" (like, each veggie bought would be in a clear plastic veggie bag from the produce section; meats in styrofoam container with plastic wrap; eggs in a carton) and what you save in water from having to rinse your veggies, electricity to cook the food from scratch vs. just heating up what they've already done. And then there's NO packaging for fast foods at the drive-thru, since you're not doing that anymore, right?

I guess my point is, the carbon footprint LOOKS like a big deal, but actually it really does even out, I think.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience, as it helps me as I'm looking at all of my options, down the line.
Hi, you seem to love Bistro MD, I am worried about their prices, is it worth it, what do you like about them so much. thanks
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